Thomas Leveritt is a half-American, half-English artist. He has received the Carroll Medal for Portraiture from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Somerset Maugham Award for Literature and the Betty Trask first novel award.

DIGITAL He gets involved with re-engineering cameras into different cameras, producing commercials and digital filmmaking. All this is run through a production company based in New York [link].

SOME WRITING 'The Pale Cast of Thought,' about ayahuasca (Harper's Magazine); Selenium Valley, 'Menarche in the USA', an article for The Daily Beast', a 2008 novel: 'verbally dazzling' (Guardian), 'love story, tone poem, and seething meditation on history and politics... by turns exuberant, furious, bawdy, and mournful' (New Yorker), with a 'frankly awful jacket' (Daily Mail). 

PRESS Guardian, Der SpiegelSimon & Schuster, io9Slate3AM Magazine, Trainwreck'dNY Daily NewsFast Co.

CONTACT: tmj at leveritt dot com